Flames of War

September 3 - September 4

Flames of war Midtcon Grand Tournament.

This years Midcon will be a 2-day tournament with 5 games.
The Tournament will be a latewar tournament with a requirement to build 3 different lists with usage of the same core formation during the entire event. Units can be upgraded within the formation and support can be removed or added.
Example if I chose to use an infantry formation, my formation will stay the same throughout the weekend, but the support and upgrades for the infantry formation may altered.
The Point limit is as follows:
105 points.
90 points.
75 points

You are only allowed to pick the same battlestance 2 times during the tournament.
The mission will be determined by one collective T.O. roll after all the players have chosen a stance.

It is possible to stay overnight at the venue with you own sleeping bag etc. You can stay at the venue from Friday to Sunday.
It is also possible to stay at a nearby hostel or bed n’ breakfast/hotel in Viborg the nearby larger town.

Program for the weekend.
09.00 – 10.00 Check-in
10.00-13.00 1st. Round
13-1400 Launch
1400-1700 2.nd Round
17.00-1800 Dinner.
18.00-21.00 3rd round
21.00-?? Vote for best painted army and best table + socializing
09.30-12.30 4.th Round
12.30-13.30 Launch
1330-1730 5th round.
17.30-19.30 cleaning and award ceremony.

Your army must be fully painted with bases completed. The units must be WYSIWYG
All late-war books released up until the 15th of August Is allowed.

1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Best painted.
Best sportsmanship
Best terrain table.

If you have any questions in regards to the tournament and logistical issues please contact me via this email.

For more info in regards to the tournament, hotels and tickets follow this link

Best regards
Kristian Lyngvald T.O.